Modified Mass Procedures

Precautions and Rules

Please keep in mind that every Catholic still enjoys a dispensation from physically attending Sunday Mass until the Archbishop indicates otherwise. If you do choose to attend Mass, you do so at your own risk. In addition, by choosing to sign up to attend Mass during this time, you are willingly taking on the responsibility to abide by the precautions and protocols that the Archdiocese and Parish may require.

Signing up to Attend Mass

We will need to limit and to keep track of who enters the church buildings. Thus, we have set up a system to register in advance to attend Sunday Mass. You may do so on the parish website at, or by phone to the office. Lists will be finalized each Wednesday to allow time for us to contact those who are on the list for the upcoming weekend. Households may sign up together, but must indicate total number of persons (as each person counts toward the attendance limit).

UPDATE 7/30/2020 We will move from a sign-up registration for Sunday Mass to a sign-in model starting the weekend of August 29/30.

In addition to names and number of people, we will request contact information to facilitate contract tracing should there be a virus exposure incident. You may refuse to give this information at sign up, but be aware that if needed, the parish can and will draw your contact  information from the parish database.

Be aware that in addition to the obvious risk with regard to infection, if there is an infection incident at one of these Masses the attendees might be asked, or even legally required, to quarantine themselves by the State of Washington.

Ushers will be given a printed list and will check names of people at the door of the church. Only those already on the list for a particular Mass will be permitted into the church.

You should self-assess for COVID symptoms before travelling to the church. If you are visibly/obviously ill, you will be turned away even if you are on the list.

You may sign up for Mass as often as you may like, but priority will be given to those who have not been able to attend Mass yet or as recently.

We strongly encourage those who are in particular risk/vulnerability categories on account of age or a health condition not to sign up to attend Mass at this time. However, we will not exclude anyone who chooses to sign up. Again, you are personally and knowingly assuming any risk that may be involved.

The Archdiocese has asked parishioners only to sign up for Mass at their own parish. NB: Our parish has three churches, but is in fact a single parish. One may sign up to attend any of the temporary Masses even if it is not celebrated at the church one ordinarily attends. What the Archdiocese means is: please do not sign up to attend neighboring parishes such as Longview, Kelso, Battleground, or Vancouver.


Times and Location of Masses.

The rules given by the Governor indicate that in counties that have moved to Phase II precautions, the maximum number of people at a Mass may be 50 people, or 25% of building capacity, whichever is fewer. In addition, the facility must be sanitized between services. For these reasons, we will need to alter *temporarily* the time and location of our Masses.  Again, the motivation is to enable as many people as we reasonably and safely can to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass;  concerns such as opportunities for socialization and utilizing a given church for Mass cannot be attended to or prioritized until we return to more normal times.

That said, our Mass Schedule will be as follows. You will note that it is somewhat similar to the plan we put in place in event of inclement weather:

  • 5pm Saturday Vigil will be celebrated at St Philip
  • 9am Sunday Mass at St Philip
  • 10:30am Sunday Mass at St Mary
  • 12 Noon Sunday Mass at St Philip in Spanish

Precautions and Adaptations while at Mass

General Precautions

  • Before you leave home to come to Mass (or any public gathering) please make a health self-assessment. Ask yourself whether in the last two weeks you have: (If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, DO NOT COME TO MASS)
  1. Traveled internationally?
  2. Been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 without the correct PPE?
  3. Had a temperature at least 100.0°F?
  4. Had new or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  5. Had a new cough?
  6. Had at least two of the following symptoms together:
    o Chills o Muscle pain o Headache o Sore throat o New loss of taste or smell
  • Maintain a 6’ distance from anyone who does not live with you.
    • Do not engage in physical contact, even if brief, with anyone outside your household
  • Face coverings are required while at Mass; please provide your own mask.
    • Volunteers have made a number of masks for the church to have on hand, but they are not reusable once we give them away and there is a finite number.
  • Please use hand sanitizer as needed.
    • Again, please utilize your own if you have it, but the Church will have a limited supply as well.
  • Please only use the Restrooms if absolutely necessary.
  • The Vestibule/cry room is not available for seating during Mass
  • Do not linger/socialize on Campus before or after Mass.
  • Do not sing or speak in a loud voice (it increases needed social distancing range)
  • You will be seated by an usher when you arrive for Mass in order to ensure 6’ social distancing between households. Please, do not sit elsewhere or swap places with others.


Flow of Mass

  • Sunday Mass will resemble a daily Mass in terms of pace
  • Some options will be abbreviated or omitted to minimize time inside the church
  • Sign of Peace will continue to be omitted
  • The Collection/Offertory will be abbreviated
    • No gifts procession (bread and wine will begin at credence table/altar)
    • The Offertory basket, watched by ushers, is available in vestibule before and after Mass for depositing donations. (Please avoid touching collection basket; drop your envelope.)
  • Unrelated to COVID, but due to Archbishop Etienne’s recent pastoral letter, we will now kneel from the conclusion of the Agnus Dei (Lamb od God…) to when your row is dismissed for Holy Communion.

Holy Communion

  • Holy Communion will distributed during Mass.
  • When coming up for Holy Communion:
    • Maintain 6’ distance from others in line
    • Bow and say “Amen” at 6’ distance before approaching priest
    • Please receive on the hand
    • Hold hands very flat and still to avoid skin contact with priest


  • Ushers will be responsible for enforcing social distancing and safety requirements.
  • If you violate safety precautions, you will be reminded.
  • If you refuse to comply with or willfully defy the precautions, you may no longer be allowed to sign up for future Mases.
  • Be courteous and avoid rudeness toward anyone who is taking more or fewer precautions than you.


Weekend/Sunday Masses


5:00 pm - St. Philip Church, Woodland
8:00 am - St. Philip Church, Woodland
12:00 Noon - St. Philip Church, Woodland (en Español)

Weekday/Daily Masses




Call 360-225-8308 to request Sacramental Care

Holy Day of Obligation Masses


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